The All American Thompson Corporation

The corporation was initially established in 1895 by Gerald M. Thompson who was an engineer in wagon technology. He had primarily worked with various suspensions for horse wagons and he was for a time known for his crafting skills in his repair shop and construction shop. For 20 years G. M. Thompson worked primarily with the horse wagon but he could see that the automobile as a concept would win over the horse wagon.

G. M. Thompson firstly worked out a system that made the cars able to drive more comfortable; however in the same time G. M. Thompson realized that he wasn’t able to develop the organization further and he found out that Henry Ford had established his workshop and produced cars for a lower price than the Thompson Corporation. The reason for this was that Henry Ford was able to make use of the principles that Frederick Taylor articulated in the study which was known as the principles of Scientific Management.

Therefore G. M. Thompson changed his focus from wagon manufacturing to dealing with inventions for the automobile that could be patented and then licensed to the automobile and horse wagon manufactures.

Mean while G. M. Thompson felt that he was too old to keep working as the principal manager and therefore he hired his son Jerry M. Thompson as the principal manager and kept the title of chairman of the board.

His son took up the challenge of changing industry. This means that he went together with the employees (at the time ten men was employed) and made them understand that the change was a necessity. Then he went to the local newspaper to advertise for engineers who had an academic background.

A week after the add had been printed four engineers had sent their CV to the Thompson Corporation and J. M. Thompson hired them. The engineers started to work with various forms of Engine components of which made the gasoline engine more effective in terms of horse power and energy consumption. The study they made did also add significants to how fast the automobile was able to go. The Thompson Corporation was able to register patents on how to build the specific engines.

In 1930 a year after the depression was initiated the Thompson Company had significant licensing agreements with three major car manufactures of the time.

Important Note

All names in this story is fictions.

Developing Personas

I am currently developing the characters for the story and for that I will apply a method that is known from sphere of Human Computing Interaction research. It is known as a the ten steps to personas and the method has been developed by Lene Nielsen (a former PhD of the Copenhagen Business School). However before I am applying the ten steps to a persona I went through a brainstorm which is illustrated in the mind map below.

Personas Brainstorm

Personas Brainstorm.

I plan to develop the characters further in the upcoming weeks.